New Website layout does not give you access to your security tokens


I’m not too sure if i should put this here or on the github since this is more website related than application related but here it goes!

So I finally have my fancy domain running again after the latest update. Yay and stuff, however the new website layout does not let me access my tokens that i have already made or have newly created. I can go into my security area, create a (for this case a domain) token give it a nice name to tell me what it is and whatnot, but after I have created this you are redirected back to the security page and are not able to access the token any further (except to delete it). I’ve played around with it a bit and I don’t think I can see a way to get my fancy token id to put back into my domain-server. So I thought I’d throw it up here! If anyone could throw me some deets on a way to get around it id be super appreciative.


Did not know it where updated.
There more problems. If you try to login and press on my tablet the login button. it’s opening the burger menu. below that it seems the login screen is there.

Anyway, the could have spend time better on improving build tools. instead of painting a website that where already fine before.


@Vargink that is a security feature: on the modal that pops up if you notice there is this text. “We’ve generated this personal access token for you. You must copy it now - for your security it will not be displayed again.”

Basically, copy and store that token somewhere secure.


Yeah that was what I was trying to do for the last few days but that prompt was not appearing at all. You would just create a token, then you would be redirected back to the security page. I just did a test one today and it looks like I’m getting it now. Hazza!