"New Years Eve" Area Suggestions


Hello! So I am somewhat new to HiFi. I am not a content creator but I do enjoy socializing and exploring the areas people create. I noticed that a lot of people hang out at “The Spot” because of the money tree. This is awesome of course but, there is a great area just behind through the alleyway that would be great for soical stuff as well. Here is my suggestions if you guys are keen on them.

  1. Add a separate tree somewhere in the “New Year” area. (Not sure if this is doable.

  2. Somehow put up a giant screen where trusted people can put up videos (movies/youtube music etc).

  3. Mini game? Cards or something that is easy for people to play socially.


Thanks for your suggestions! We appreciate the feedback, and would love if you submitted these ideas on our feature request board here.