Newbie and Not Devemloper


Hello guys,
I’m blogger and avatr in second life, brazilian, have a poor english and I didnt understant nothing in absolut.
1 - Download
2- Start
3- See my robot avatar of my left box top and get open a public chat
4- Get see my avatar in first person
5 - Read all tools buttons in the top

And end

I dont know how find people, change my appareance and lost my first java
Saw the colors squares named 1-2----8 and what is it? oO

Well I need a tutorial for user, newbie user

Thank You


Maybe this will help: Tutorial video by Chris Highfidelity


Thank you! I lost my first tools, the squares with creat icon and brush icon oO seems hard to me begin in the alpha , always crash when I load body avatar ;/ so sad


press tab-button to re-enable voxel edit mode.

OR if that doesn’t help. File -> Open and Run script file and select the editVoxels.js from the examples-folder.



Thank You for help. I havent this script in the folders, there is some link with all basic scripts urls?


You should have all the scripts under examples folder.