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Occulus and Surreal Vision

I can’t even embed a link correctly. Perhaps some of the geniuses will prognosticate about this. Thanks!


I knew this was going to happen since augmented reality has the potential to be even more powerfull than VR alone. Next i bet they buy Fove and integrate their pupil tracking system.


I think that is a safe bet. I personally disagree with your stance on AR versus VR. “more powerful than VR” what could be more powerful than convincing your brain 100% that you have entered an entirely different physical space? Staring at a hologram will be impressive; sure, but in my opinion a hologram will NEVER have the potential of a fully realized Virtual Reality.

P.S. Your work is AWESOME. :smile:


OF course in AR all you have to do is add a blind to the unit and you got VR…
So best of both worlds…


VR is absolutely more convincing to you’re brain and a more immersive experience but AR has the ability to be used in a million different was all throughout the day, imagine bill boards that are blank and the content is filled in by AR, heads up displays for every occasion, an arrow painted on the ground guiding you by GPS like google maps, find any item in the store by doing a search and a AR waypoint is placed by the item, etc etc. Its more piratically useful and society altering but definitely not more immersive or convincing.

P.S. Thanks man :smile:


Seems as if we are in agreement after all. It will be many more years before VR is practical. I use that term loosely, as practical to me would be wireless with the inclusion of haptic feedback, and would be powered by simple lithium ions… A long way away.

Very pumped about AR, as I’ve been using a heads up display since I started gaming. It’s become pretty natural for me to look around and find my remaining objectives on a ui. I look forward to AR assisting with everyday life, and VR to completely remove me from it.