Next Alpha Meetup?


I missed the Meetup today :frowning: I got the invitation right after leaving for a 2 weeks trip with a Windows PC, I would have taken the Mac if I had known). Next week I am sure will have access to a Mac, when is the next Meetup?


This won’t help you, @giulio, but here’s a screenshot from the last meetup.

I really need to work on my avatar…


Wow cool! I won’t miss the next meetup.


I missed the meeting last week but I have some first meeting screenshot for you.


Thanks! I see that there is some work to do to achieve lifelike videorealistic visuals :wink: but I am sure that will come. Can’t wait for the next meetup.


Where is that meetup ?
Alpha and Root are compleet empty sims for me, dont see any voxel.
cant create a voxel to btw, but thats different things.


Normally on Alpha. But the domains should be full of buildings and stuff.
Visit or write in one of the official threads for help.


Hi Richard,

We are going to be hosting the Alpha meetup tomorrow at 3pm PST. I will send out an Agenda later today. For your issue of not seeing any Voxels, are you on the latest build? For not being able to create voxels make sure you have the defaultScripts running. You can put them in by going to (File>Open and run scripts from URL) and add this


It will midnight here in Europe, I will have to miss this meeting. Have fun!


I can make the latest build. and going to try that now. but without Qxmmp support. because thats giveing right now a big problem.


Where do we get the latest Windows build? I’ve been building them myself so far, but I heard there are now Windows builds available somewhere.



@ali li Windows: