Next Stress test TODAY Sun May 10 2015


Hey there everyone, we would like to invite you to the next community driven Stresstest, which will be happening on the 10th of may.

We would very much like to see more then 11 people this time, everyone is welcome to join us. Maybe this time we can make the server crash. :slight_smile:

Most importantly, lets see what changed on the Stack Manager and the Interface this month,

As usual the detailed results will be made available to the public.

We will start Today 13:00 CET

The Indigo Fuzz Team



I volunteer as tribune!

Furthermore: Updates and other gubbins can be found on the newly pressed IndigoFuzz Facebook page:



Don’t forget everyone, test our stress today …

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so that’s 12 utc 1pm gmt, stress= figuring out timezones

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Thats why included the link in the original post

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It will be 13:00 GMT for us Brits


#7 :slight_smile:



Thats not a bad idea at all.

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We’ll be opening up access to the server from 12:00 GMT/CET (13:00 CEST) so feel free to come say hello :smiley:



hifi://IndigoFuzz/1765,301.6,1550.0 All open.

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And~ we’re now open. You can find the link either in the directory, or you can manually navigate to: hifi://IndigoFuzz/1765,301.6,1550.0

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IRC Chat: If you don’t want to/can’t use voice chat, then feel free to use our dedicated IRC server, and web-client:



not had one of these for a while



Just want to say thanks to those who did turn up :smile: We will try and arrange one that will capture more people online for the next one. If we can create an effective report of this test then we will of course be publishing it for all you to see it much like our last one.

Now, to clean up!

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maybe plan one either before or after a meeting?



A shoot, was off the entire day doing my other things. Oh well, next time.



You realize you chose 8am on Sunday morning for the US East Coast, and 5am Sunday morning for the West?

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We were kind of hoping there would be enough people in the european time zone :smiley: If and when we need to do another, we will be a little more strategic in the when/where, it was more down to planning around our other projects we’re working on currently :slight_smile:



Are most of the current users British or European? That is the impression I am under. The only Americans I know for certain I have run into are KDDog and Coal. Oh, and Kevin. Where are the Americans???

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We were asleep. Ah well, next time. :slight_smile:

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