Nice new gravity


Not sure if this is a new feature or what but, when I stepped off a tall thing here I fell … a long ways down… Hopes this is intentional, but… probably would be nice to have some control over it.

Actually, it is fine the way it is … compared to what it was… but some ppl here think it should be zone based … or something like that… actually radial gravity would be nice too.

(edited to add): … hmm… maybe not. after I log off … and back on again, physics seem to be the same as they always were here… … too bad… I really want to fall from high places



Physics sucks here, between the sheets(better than saying it’s alpha).

Yes, on at least a zone basis, gravity should be parameterized to specify whether it is planar (with a vector defining the force direction), radial (with a force vector and convergence coordinate or, hopefully, specifying an entity which becomes a dynamic convergence point). It’s time for space stations. It is time for space ships that have their own artificial gravity. and too, that requires adjusting the 3rd person camera’s local vertical axis. We need to define other externalities too, like friction to simulate air friction and terminal velocity, water friction, ground slip and stick friction, etc. Much to do. Hire me :slight_smile: