No community meeting 8/2/18


Hello! Just a heads up, there isn’t a community meeting tomorrow.

But DO come to our load test on Friday, to see how many avatars we can get on a single domain. I believe we’re shooting for 300 this time around. Gift cards to folks who participate.

Have a great week & see you there!


High Fidelity Event Calendar

When is this? It tells people how and where to go but I couldn’t find the date and time in the Eventbright.


Hi just click the register button and choose Aug 3 from the dropdown menu that appears… then once you are signed up, connect to High Fidelity on Friday at 1:30 and go to hifi://thespot!


Hi Caitlyn! The server load tests are always a blast and I enjoy participating in them. I really want my colleagues to join me, but the time doesn’t seem to favor North and South America at all - we’re all at work at 1:30pm PDT. As it is, I have to take a day off from work to participate (yes, it’s worth it - grin). Is there any chance that a future test would be scheduled for, say, a Saturday? That way, the entire world can participate (and you’ll get more of the casual consumer crowd in addition to the usual participants).

Thanks for all you do!


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