No High Fidelity shown in


WIsh we could be seen there.
VRLFG is very popular among VR fandom.
It would instantly tell me how many players are in High Fidelity.

Additionally, is there any way to see how many are playing it atm?

Much love,

Myrothas McMillan


The thing is that won’t tell you anything about High Fidelity because High Fidelity isn’t only on Steam, which VRLFG uses. Even then, possibly due to High Fidelity’s past which listed it under software, VRLFG may have still cached it as software rather than as an actual game, which makes it not show up on the list.

The other thing to bear in mind is that High Fidelity isn’t VR only. It’s advertised as such, to the point where on Youtube live streams, it’s the most common mentioning on why people aren’t attending. Even if VRLFG had an API to link non-steam games (which High Fidelity technically is), that would easily create an uproar with a certain space of the community who values privacy and would not want any kind of tracking API embedded into the client.

EDIT: Actually, it is there, but apparently not in the normal listing