No more Badges?


Pardon my narcissism (it’s in fashion lately), but I just passed my three year anniversary here, and I didn’t get a badge. Are any badges for this being made, @Jess ?


What is this false news liberal ravioli

I think the anniversary coencides with the birth of the forum or usage of the forum rather than Ur hifi rex day


I think they replaced 1 year anniversary with just plain anniversary, but now you can get it multiple times. Both of you should have 3 anniversary badges and a 2nd anniversary badge too.
or something like that


Thanks for the reminder! Just enabled the third year badge. It should roll out within 24 hours. Keep an eye out and let me know?


piffle, and enough words to hire a special prosecutor :stuck_out_tongue:


Just checked, and the new badge appears to be functioning now:

Enjoy! :cake: