No more Linux eh?


No Linux client on the download page or Steam. Why does the main page say Linux is supported?

Can’t even compile it because of bugs.

This has been going on for far too long.

Oh well. I guess this is goodbye. Still going to squat on my place names though.

Have fun with only windows developers.


Money wise. for people with a low budget. I think that other platform have a very strong point at the moment.

Ok, also no linux or apple client there.


What are you talking about? Sansar?


Uhmm, yup. :smirk:
At this moment you not have running costs in sansar. Where in high fidelity you need to run your own server etc. or rent on that can only hold 4 avatars. While you can have say 15 in one experience for free.

But i cannot look in the future. fact is that sansar is cheaper and the graphics better.

Things slowly start to get better there. But right no time to play with hifi or sansar.