No separate script debug console ? And how to get bigger fonts in the consoles?


Just looking if there’s now a separate debug console. But i can only find the script console and the normal log window.

Both are still having the same problems as long ago in the past. The font is so TINY that it’s unreadable. The log window looks very nice. but the font need to be bigger. Or give a option the user can choice 3 sizes.

To let you give the difference between readable and the not readable log screen. The log font itself is just on the edge. but everything else is way to tiny. and that problem you find back in many parts of the high fidelity interface.

For the correct impression do not zoom the picture , but copy the image url to a new tab.


Try windows magnifier in accessibility tools


That one sucks. I have magnifixer on my system. But i not really like to use it.

Why magnifixer. I can move that to old 4:3 monitor and use that as magnifier only screen. Possible reason why i still avoid it to. extra power usage for soemthing basic that need to be supported by software.

I really just need to use it more… Still just make the fonts larger in High Fidelity is better solution.

How do people do it on 4K screen ?