No Space navigator support in High Fidelity?


I looked at the citty today in sandbox. its nice. but with keyboard its not smoothing flying.
so filming i stopped.

Tried my space navigator thats perfect for flying and walking around in high fidelity.
But it seems the space navigator is not supported ?

The space navigator is a 3d mouse.


SpaceNavigator support to use for avatar motion and (on clicking the buttons) camera movement would be a good addition.


I would also love that. I messed around and got the keyboard commands working for forward and backward, but 6dof control is one of hf’s things so would be great to see what it can be used for. I thought it might be possible to modify the look with mouse script in someway. I don’t know how controllers work in gaming last time i tried to programme anything was on a zx spectrum on that all the controllers used the arrow keys(5678) Does anyone know if mouse input has a key command equivalent?


In this directory are lots of scripts, some use the mouse.
But how do you read-out the space navigator ?


I did some messing with the controllers set up as pictured, i really want look around as if using mouse look, but without needing the mouse look.js script on as its hell to stop running as you need to stop it in the menu and it leaves ur camera pointing up at the sky


I use the 3D mouse quite a lot myself, just had a quick search on there forum, There seems to be a way to use it as a 2D mouse but not sure how good or smooth it would be…


Maybe ControllerMate can do the trick ?

It can intercept for instance keyboard input and maps it to another device
Not only for the Space Navigator but it supports a lot of other controllers


I keep seeing new stuff added that detects your movement but older style stuff like this that requires actual hand movement “on the controls” needs to still be included as I think it would fit perfect here.

I am someone who does not have any other detection systems other than a webcam and my kb and mouse but having this added would add to the fluidity for those who still want the hands on too without just keyboard and mouse flat drags and clicks.

I just wanted to be another voice to say I would love to see this put in!


Uhmm. never installed the software. not the best things to. think it gave me problems.
And SL works out of the box with it. Thats how it works best with HiFi to

HiFi need to support old style movements to, not everybody want, can or have the option to use the new things. in my case only have mouse, keyboard , pen tablet and 3dx space nav. Just because webcam dont add anything for me.


I assume there is no movement on this. I have a space-explorer I never really used properly.

I am considering pulling it apart and arduino-ing it into a proper 6dof USB-joystick-class device. Though proper support for it as-is would be far better.


must be away to hack support using the graceful movement script as that’s doin the same thing just with the mouse.
I was trying to make said script work pressing the mouse scrollwheel so we can orbit the cam 1 handed from the mouse.
but asking around its not as simple to do as changing space to middle mouse which leaves it beyond me


For people not using HMDs and sensor equipment to navigate SL, the 3DSpacenavigator is the best thing out there still. Right now i’m still finding it hard to navigate space, look around, etc. I keep reaching to my Spacemouse out of instinct or wishful dreaming.


Thats why the space navigator would be so good to have. its complete 3D. solves so many problems. If you need to use a normal screen, because immersive is far away if you cannot look up down etc. with keyboard + mouse. in this case also space navigator.


It seems to be possble to integrate the space navigator with qt:

I do not know if there are some dragons preventing the space navigator integration ?


I’d rather see a solution that isn’t OS-specific.

Best to develop to the official Magellan API, (and additionally test against the OSS spacenavd driver, which is supposed to be compatible with Magellan).


@glenalec do you have any suggestions? Also, there is no specific reason why space navigator is not in there. I am sure that it would be a pretty straight forward worklist job. Or someone could just implement it themselves.


@chris A worklist job sounds good. While I know ‘how to program’ I am not a programmer by any stretch myself.

The Magellan SDK is available from 3dconnexion here, I believe.

I would love to recommend the OSS driver here as everything about how its native API is implemented seems to indicate it is done more cleanly, however the windows port is only at proof-of-concept stage. The OSS driver claims to be able to emulate the Magellan API anyway, so Magellan makes a more universal target.

Also, spacemouse is the minimal device, but once that is implemented, I am hoping support for being able to map the additional buttons of my SpaceExplorer will be fairly trivial to add!


I have done some thinking, and i think this would be the best way to assign different movements to the space navigator. I would assign both buttons to the same task, so you can use the space navigator on the left or right hand.

When you use the space navigator you can give more the same feeling as when you wear the oculus rift, because you can look left / right or up and down with the head only.

@judas, just see that you post a while ago already a screenshot. :open_mouth:

part of images come from.


Note: in c ase its intressting, i made a worklist in the past for the space navigator.


Good things come to those who wait
:smile:thanks @MarcelEdward great work :slight_smile: