No toolbar on interface


I began attempting to understand HF back in September 2015. I managed to get the viewer (interface) and stack manager working. On the interface screen, I remember a toolbar of some sort (right side of the screen) where one could set viewing distance, create objects etc.

I have built a new PC running Windows 10. After installing the viewer (interface) and stack manager and connecting to my place name (I’m still completely baffled by this process), I can see my avatar. I attempted to Get Content Set (Outdoor Garden). Instead of stars, I now see a dark, purple-green wallpaper sky.

I remember that one must set the viewing distance high in order to see the selected Content Set. Unfortunately, I cannot find the toolbar to do this. Top Menu ->Tools ->Tool Window opens a blank window.

How do I get that tool bar I saw back in September?


That comes from a script - edit.js

It should be ran with interface via it loading from defaultScripts.js, but, many things that should turn out to be should not.

So - first - you have to see if you have any scripts running - File Menu - Running Scripts. If you don’t see that option then you have to go to View menu and insure you see checkmark by Advanced Menus and Developer Menus. (Maybe Devel is not strictly necessary, but, at this stage - eventually - it is).

Assuming you have no scripts running you can load defaultScripts.js - tho that one loads in a bunch of useless cruft if you don’t have certain devices like hyrdas and HMD etc.

Good luck with it.


Also - if scripts are running - there’s a keystroke that hides all the onscreen stuff but I can’t remember what it is and not in place where I can look for at moment. That one drove me nuts for a bit one day.



Yeah, we should have a transient pop-up that tells you you’ve hidden the UI and how to re-enable it. Unfortunately the only place we’d put such transients is on the hidden overlay. :frowning:


The magic ‘o’ key would be more discoverable if there was a menu item, View > Overlays that displayed the associated shortcut ‘o’ and reflected the current display / nondisplay status.

Also, just noticed that at least one other magic key has no corresponding menu item: ‘h’. … Update: Found it, but no shortcut key listed by it.

And at least one magic key has a menu item but without the corresponding shortcut listed: Ctrl-Shift-H.