No Toolbar or Tablet in Desktop Version :-)


I plan to get HTC Vive in the near future :slight_smile: I just thought I would set up a account ready for that day. I have had a look at the interface all is good but I can not bring up the toolbar or tablet. My mouse will not make it appear or my xbox controller. Do you know what I may be doing wrong ?

                                                       Thanks :-)

Tablet HTML loses webEventReceived connection if script(s) reloaded

Open in the menu under edit, running scripts.
Check if defaultscript.js is running.

If you not see it running, you can search for it a bit lower in running scripts and load it. Hopefull it works then.

Tablet you need to enable for desktop mode in settings general.


Yay that fixed it :smiley: Thnks so much


This vanishes seemingly randomly for me 2 lately


Ever since the last update I have been having problems with the menus disappearing. I just restart and then it comes back.