No users online


When I finally joined HF end of April, I remember, I always saw at least 3-4 people online. Since a few weeks it always shows ‘No users online’.

I wonder, if everyone is just hidden and only visible for friends? Or maybe my script is broken, or like the directory of places just vanished?

For me its not a problem to be alone, just sometimes its a good feeling to know, if you are not the only one.


When I am around, I am usually only visible to friends when ever I am working on something. I think many others have done the same.

There used to be a bug which I reported a small while ago which made you visible even if you marked your self as Friend only. The results of this show in the statistics.

Hopefully, we could get an actual indication of how many people there are, even if no one is visible.



Hi Skimi,
When I am on I am set as visible to all but sometimes I don’t show up as visible according to a friend of mine who visits with me. If you do see me online feel free to drop in on me. I am pretty busy irl but every opportunity I have to play in hifi I take! Glad to have you with us.


Thank you all for your reply!

@Menithal, I understand that, if someone is online, only visible for friends. If someone want working and foreigner see you in the list and teleporting next to you, it can be annoying, no question. You don’t want ignore this people, but you also want doing your stuff.

@Judas, I’m sure your friend list is bigger as mine (…), but your screenshot looks similar to my :wink:

@Horsche your posting is so kind, and makes me very glad, thank you so much! Will be a pleasure to meet you :slight_smile:

If we just could have the directory listing back - I only can remember the place name of Judas, DrFran, and Playa - everything else I can’t remember.

And - I am thinking about every single one new user who is willing download and install HF. They have no chance to discover something, and when the user list almost is empty - what will they do? I could imagine, they could think it is a not well used place. And maybe not many of them also login to the forum and follow the threads for some time to discover HF is much more and some cool people are here… just my thoughts.


My domain is named Equus and you are welcome there but be aware I have only now begun reducing the numerous textures and presently it can take a long time to load it up. If you have the patience to wait, it is a medieval village where I want to add more content, but I need to optimize things more before starting on the castle and cathedral.


Hmmmm… castles. I wonder if there will be vampires about. :slight_smile: One of my alts on SL is a cute little vampire boy. :smiley:


That could easily happen! I am presently working on my horse avatar (In sl I have always been a horse and have the distinction of being one of the very first feral horses) I do intend to add npc’s before I begin working on the town’s resident dragon. I certainly want to add monsters to Equus but I have a long road to hoe as I attempt to learn Javascript to power those.


Yeah, I think the users api is broken as well, currently marked for everyone and I cannot see my self on it.


“open” is online 24/7 and auto loads a tray that contains an icon for local chat.

The place is pretty render heavy as I am aiming for an experience that will run on hardware standards 4 to 5 years from now. I myself only get 30 fps on a 970 GTX in VR mode.

The place does render 60 fps in desktop @ 1920x1080. All are welcome.