No voxels in build 2701 or mabye before


Wanted to look closer at the voxels. but the voxels don’t appear or load.
It worked fine 2 weeks ago.


I mentioned this at Saturday’s meeting, They didn’t show for me at all. (I’m still curious to see what they are and what they look like)


I think it broke back in before 2678. Was trying them out earlier than that but after upgrading it broke, which was a shame


It will be sometime before HiFi gets to this stage:-


If you see how much is done in the short time high fidelity exists. Things can go fast. For sure much faster then opensim.


Why the big rush? Maybe you can get a job with the team and help them speed things up. They have many vacancies.
The software in the video links took over 2 years to make.


If where reaching end of 2016, then high fidelity is around the 2+ years or possible longer in development. combine this with things philip rosedale says.