Non-constancy of entities


I am having a problem with the domain Franny, that showed up about three updates ago, and now seems unfixable.
Major parts of the build have become invisible. Here are the things I have done to attempt to fix; all without success:

  1. Restart the stack manager
  2. Reboot my computer
  3. Roll back to an earlier version of Interface.

The thing is, the items show up on my entities list. If I click on the items on the list, the invisible entity becomes framed as if I could edit it, but it remains invisible. Other residents cannot see the entities as well. I should mention that a few times I have come in, the items were visible, but then disappeared once more.

I am on a PC, using Windows 8.1, and had not had this problem until recently.

Thanks to anyone who can figure the fix for this.


Yeah this happened a couple of times to me as well, but usually adding the parameter fixes this normally.

Since the entities show up in the interface but do not load the fault is not on the server but instead may be where the assets are hosted at.

Have you tried just downloading the models with the direct link to the assets to see if people have public access to them? Its very likely that files them selves are blocked by the service provider that host then files. this scenario is very likely with Dropbox/Github stuff as they do not want too much direct http traffic (only ultra light)


Hmmmm, thanks, I host on Amazon AWS. I went there and made the missing items public again, and they showed up. Thanks for the tip. DrFranny.

I am editing this reply because I logged out and back in, and the objects were gone again. Is Amazon throttling me??


Might want to check your current bandwidth use and contact amazon on it.