Non-overriding animation, can I?


confused? Let me attempt to elaborate:

I have an avatar with additional limbs, and I want to have them continuously animated in a loop to look more alive, It is all rigged and animated in blender and if I import it as a model in hifi, it plays fine, all good.

Now, as an avatar I want this playing alongside the default animation states and controller driven IK.
My animation do not move any of the joints in the standard skeleton and I doubt the default animations and IK would move any of my custom joints so they should be able to happily coexist.

If I use MyAvatar.overrideRoleAnimation() i would have to override all the states and thus, loose the default animations, I don’t want that.

If I use MyAvatar.overrideAnimation() I would be T-posing all the time, I would essentially be a fancy windup toy, I don’t want that.

If I make a script that manipulate the joints directly I would die, I could wack a tail or flap a wing this way but I have 30 joints I need to move in a rather complicated way, I really don’t want that.

I guess I could get all the role animations and add in my bits but it would restart every time I move and it really would be a lot of work for a “mehh” result.

Soo, is there a magic one-liner to achieve this? any help appreciated, even the “NO can’t do it” answer.


Email our team at and they’ll do their best to help you out.


Hmm, good question. I’m investigating.


Cool, I didn’t mail support yet, I do feel this kind of thing is what a “Help & support” forum is good for, that way, the next doofus that comes along has a chance to find the answer themselves.