Normal map visible instead of mixed to a good looking texture


@Menithal Ok, i just tried it with a new project on a simple box. Still a fail.
It’s like high fidleity keeps using the “color” setting when you enable Normal map.

I send you lijnk in PM to the basic cube.


When I imported that fbx into blender this is what I saw:

Meaning both the diffuse and normal map were the same, and this looked correct in High Fidelity with the normal map being applied along with the color map both being the same (ala normal map)

This sounds more like a Blender FBX Export issue than anything. try different naming for objects, textures and material names, avoiding periods.


Hmm, i start to suspect bledner 2.78c is a very buggy one. Ill need to import it on mine.
It must be a nmew bug in bledner 2.78c then.

Ill check the object by import it as fbx here. Still FBX review is showing it fine !

ADD: @Menithal I see the same when importing the fbx. Grr.
Going to test it with 2.78b , Mabye that fix the corsur key breakage i have at times on UV map to.

ADD: It started to look fine with 2.77.
Until i did clicked material;s and add a light. Poof the textures changed in blender to what menithal have seen.

Something really get mixed. The filename is from the diffguse map. But the texture you see is from the normal map in blender 2.77 the same. and i did save a new test.fbx from the blend file in 2.77 before i did export and import it.

Ok, i did go back to 2.76 until i did by accident not embed the textures. that works. As soon i did embed it.things go wrong. So, time to start the not embed way i think. extra difficult layer with this nice ATP. SO i betetr test it local.


@Menithal You know what the real problem seems to be.
The texture where in a subfolder in my blender project.
When you then embed it Or not embed it. Things go wrong.

Normally i put textures in the same directory as the blend files.
But with all the materials i moved this one in separate one.
That seems to be the trap. Now it works embedded.

I did a reload content from local disk and that seems to work still fine now.

Make sure textures and blender files are all in the same directory and same level.
No sub directories If not and you embed them or use it seperate the going to fail.