Not able to upload a preview to 'Place Names' - fixed


Since yesterday I’ve tried to upload a ‘preview’ for ‘Places Names’. I tried it with a SKIMI logo, and with a snapshot of green land - but always I get an error message, and can’t upload anything. Now I got a new error message:

Not sure what content HF expects for the preview? When I start the 'Go To Directory, I see previews of bacon or signs, under constraction signs and also flags.

I just tried to upload this, what is wrong on this sign?


That error message sounds off, and not as intended.

I think its trying to say the image has to be smaller. around 200px x 200px.


I thought it would because the size of the image - and I’ve checked some of the other previews of the Go To Directory. Some of them are much larger as the preview thumb. And even I cut my image down to 100x100, always it fails. Hmm


Alright, time to call in the staff then :smiley:

@Caitlyn signal activated! problems with place name images



:eye: oh, you think I found a bug? I wonder also, why my place not shown up in the directory. Maybe its somehow my fault, I don’t know. I just recognized, none of the other places has a - (minus) in its names. Damn, but the system accepted the - … Always I just make trouble… ohje


thanks reporting it! :slight_smile:


Definitely broken. Just tried it with a 200 x 153 JPG, fails to upload.


The problem with picture upload for ‘Places Names’ seems to be fixed :slight_smile: Thanks!