(NOT CONNECTED) Blue Horizon - (Not Responding)


I’m having a hell of a time getting this thing to run on a machine that I do all my VR stuff on.

Any ideas on what is causing this issue? Is it because I switch from VR to desktop mode? If so, how do I do that in a way that does not break my install.


Did you resolve this? Just a guess, are you running both sandbox and interface? Maybe Blue Horizon is offline, is that your place name?



I am not running both at once. Just trying to log in for the first time to whatever it drops you into.

I see a blue horizon, and black above and below. I feel like the blue horizon is the skybox?


Oh ok, If you want to build stuff locally you need to run sandbox(server) and interface(client), this is the default setup.

If you just want to visit a place, you don’t need to start sandbox, once Hifi is started, press the enter key (or hand control system button -> tablet app) to open up the ‘go to’ menu, start typing ‘welcome’ or choose a domain to visit from the list.


I have never once ran Sandbox. Always Interface. Will hitting enter really work when the app is unresponsive?

I don’t mean to be difficult, but the client is giving so much grief just getting it to start.

I’ve tried on Steam and Standalone.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled.

I’ve deleted the HighFidelity folder in AppData.


Maybe a firewall issue?


I click accept on that Firewall dialog. But maybe it does not go though?

What ports should I verify are open? Or do I just verify an application ambiguously named “Interface” is listed as being able to go through the firewall?


You might want to try running sandbox first, then wait for a minute before launching interface. In my experience, if you see the avatar model then you are actually logged in, so hitting enter will bring up the location menu.

If for some reason the last place you logged in is gone or no longer online, it may appear like its disconnected.

Hifi is generally good getting through the firewall, do you have an additional protection software running by chance?