"Not Connected" error message


I’m not able to connect perfeclty to HiFi interface since few weeks, because when I try to login to any domain what I get is this.

The strange thing is that I’m able to see people online, but they don’t see me (obviously) and I don’t display nothing in world. So, trying to solve the issue, I disabled Kaspersky firewall, cancelled interface.ini, added a new rule on my modem (Netgear DGND4000 Premium) in the firewall section (service table), updated interface version (2737) and re-installed the interface, but nothing happened.

I have Windows 8.1 64 bit system

Do you know if I should set something on my router? port forwarding, firewall rules?

Thanks for the help!



Stupid question, have you logged in?

also if u press /

you should get some stats up, you need the location your in to show 3 servers

also press return to open the location thing and type hq or sandbox or shop or earth , these are probably up


You should probably check the logs and see what’s going on when you try to connect to a domain.

You can find this under
View > Logs or press (windows) ctrl + shift + L


Hello Judas,
yes I was logged in. Regarding stats, here there’s what I found as stats.

and Menithal, here there is the log report.

So what’s my problem in your opinion?


There is a lot of waiting in the logs and authentication stuff. But most of it is the ice service trying to connect to qbit.

Have you tried another domain? Try centre, which is mine from which I should be able to see the connection logs on server side.

PS. Next time use pastebin to paste the logs.


centre works! I tried all other domains in the main directory of HiFi and for all of them always same error. here some info:

Sorry for the logs, again as image, but I don’t know pastebin.


Okay, that is definitely interesting-

This is because my router has a port forwarded directly to the machine: so it doesn’t really need the ice breaker to connect (which High fidelity uses to get the address and method of connection without having to do so)… I look into the logs from my side once I get home.

Have you tried logging out and logging back in?

Paste bin is http://pastebin.com/, which basically allows you to just copy the logs and paste them there. it will then give you a url you can place here, that has the logs easilly copiable, so you do not have to make big screencaps of your logs :). just make sure to paste as unlisted

CC: @leo or @chris -> Does the ICE service require user to be properly authenticated for it to be utilized? or can there be a case where the response does not return to the client?


thanks @Menithal! yes I tried many times to log in and out.
waiting for your reply.


This problem has been solved.