Not For Sale and Rez Certified



Here’s the picture:

I have a player that is playing my game built inside of High Fidelity.
The player wants to purchase an armor upgrade at an in-game ‘vendor’. My game will not charge HFC, so therefore I assume, the upgrade would be a certified item that is not for sale Does the player have the ability to ‘rez’ said item? If the item is not for sale, is it restricted to owner only?

Is this correct usage or am I way off? I kindly need an answer to proceed development this week. Thanks.


I am actively working with the private commerce beta and need to know if a submission to marketplace will “lock out” other users from being able to use my items.

Those of us with place names should be considered customers of high fidelity and deserve to have our questions answered. Please and thank you.


Yes to this I might not want to sell a thing I made but still want it to be umberelared by the marketplace i.e one offs or custom work.


After reading the following taken from:

It is now clear that a certified item intended for personal use and not charged will be unavailable ( i prefer to use the word ‘unlisted’ ) on the HF marketplace.

I will test this later on this week.


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Hi, @alphaversionD, just getting a chance to review this, please let me know if you need further assistance after you get a chance to test and I’ll make sure you get an answer.


Thanks. Keep me posted.


Hi there,

Items checked with Item Not For Sale won’t be listed to the public, but it generates just that single initial instance (what we’re calling Edition 0 of the item) and no further certified editions of the item are available. Unfortunately that might not work in favor of your idea of a vending machine which sells certified objects that are unlisted on the Marketplace.

Our design team is looking at the problem and thinking about solutions.



Hello again.

I’ve been conducting testing on my certified not-for-sale asset. Thank you (and team) for clearing it into the blockchain.

A little bit more about my requested proof-of-concept:

The PoP license does not restrict an Agent from creating a model entity in-world using the direct link. I was hoping (and figured that’s what certified meant) that if an entity was located on your blockchain with a PoP license, then that item could only be rezzed by owners of a copy of the certificate To then leverage this, the item would be ‘signed off’ by the CREATOR, for use WITHIN another product.

User Story:

Dan the merchant wants to sell a goldfish bowl.
Sally the customer loves fish and needs a bowl for her new pet.

Dan registers his goldfish bowl on the marketplace and obtains a PoP license on the item.

Sally can NOT rez this fish bowl UNTIL she pays for a copy of the PoP Object.

If Sally has the root URL (pretty easy to come by… just FYI) she can rez this PoP Object ad infiditeum.

Clearly; this isn’t gonna work for most creators. I have a correct guess rate of only around 60% :blush: so do please tell me I’m wrong here. I’d love for this to be untrue; however it was the results of my work on just such an asset.

Thanks in advance @Caitlyn it’s been a fun 3 years here. Let’s help everyone launch something really special.