Not happy with chat under the back slash, more with the same feeling?


I know HiFi want that everyubody use voice. but i know that many dont like to use voice or cannot use it always. same here, not want to heave headphone the wholek day on my head. Chat keeps important, more important then going to other domain without LM or search result. By useing the goto. I think its better to place the domain goto under the backslash and bring the chat back under the enter key. chat is much more in use then you need to go to other domain. For me it feels like people that want or need to use chat are not important, why else change important key.

Maby am not happy with the domain window because its a control freak on windows. Just figured out that you can close chat with the esc key.

Just want to know what others think,


I only connect my headset when I know I want to do voice calls, and normally have normal speakers, no mic input, for many others apps I am running… its not correct to assume an input mic is always connected for busy people using many aplications and modalities on their systems.

To me @ was good as a location and go to location key… more obvious han remembering other one off odd ball UI keys.

Chat needs its own UI toggle icon and a much smaller and adjustable UI footprint.

One thing I find odd is that I get no notification when there is active chat if I do not have the chat wondow already open. There needs to be a way to alert a user to this.


I find wearing headphones all the time uncomfortable. I don’t really mind which key they use to enable chat but I think Ai_Austin makes a fine point about use of the @ Key.


Cannot sleep,  because this spooking around in my mind. Maby its not the problem wich key chat is useing. but more a problem thats something you use less is placed under the enter key, i preffer anyway to have the ‘goto’ option under different key. and nothing on the enter key or chat. But i like dthat chat under the enter key, how much you like to see people use voice you eally cannot without chat, just a few points

  1. Voice can be nice if both speak the same language good. But voice start to get a big problem if 1 of the sides dont speak the same language. Then you need to fall back to chat with help of (google) translator. you keep always haveing language difficulties in voice and chat.

  2. Voice is not always good to use, as example when your working on script of build. You can easy follow text chat and if you missed a piece you can read it back. no distraction. If you use voice… and try as example to script. I know one of them need to suffer. so or you scripting got slower and worse. or you dont hear everything what the other telling in voice, and that get worse if the language is different. And people can only get your attention with chat.

  3. You not always can not wear or dont want to wear a headphone always. or use microphone because background noise or haveing the line-in already in use. Its still pretty hard to hear someone on the speakers and notice someone is around you.

  4. Avatars/character and Rollplay, you cannot do good in voice, the reason is that in many cases the characters are not the same as the voice. and it happend once to me that soemone used 2 words in voice. and it did put the world short upside down. the voice really did not fit with character. This could maby fixt partly with a good voice morpher build in High Fidelti that change male to female and the other direction and also male to boy/girl child etc. because there enough rollplays that need all of them. Only tried for fun years ago a voice morpher, and the result is not that i can say good. But maby thats changed. But you still keep haveing problem problem 1, 2 and 3.

So, i hope i did not forget anything, at least i like to see the “goto” function moved away from the enter key. because its less important then chat. you need to chat more then you need to jump from domain to domain. and for that we have or get other ways like the directory inworld accessable. Prefferable have the chat back on the enter key, it worked perfect to quick check if someone told you something, or see whats happening. But still agree with @Ciaran_​​Laval and @Ai_Austin that other key is fine the backslash is not to bad as long nothing is placed on the enter key. Also the goto is right now double annoying under the enter key because the window keeps on top of everything else on my desktop.
My list of whats impotant to access, but i keep voice on nr 1 because thats what hifi likes to see.

  1. voice
  2. chat.
  3. goto domain …

Note added: need to admit that im still pressing the numeric enter to open chat, its easy to access key. But you always get that goto thing now. :frowning:


Forward-slash seems more “URL-y” to me and may be a better fit for opening the goto window? In which case perhaps backslash could be show/hide UI and Enter revert to chat.

Something not mentioned above is that chat is good for when you’re not in the vicinity of whomever you’re communicating with.


All key stroke based functionality will be problematic when wearing a VR headset.


What are your toughts about a good ui for headset ai ?

I think a separate window with all the buttons, menu’s and chat could work nice.


As for having voice-morphing in HyFy, I’d think it might be better to allow one to easily insert a third-party voice morpher like can be done with SL viewers. Yes, SL have their own, in-built voicemorphing service, that you can pay a subscription fee to use… but many people just go ahead and use a third party morpher like MorphVOX from Screaming Bee instead, particularly since they can use the same morpher across multiple worlds while SL’s can only be used on SL, and if they’re coming from SL and the opensim over onto HyFy and want to use a morpher in HyFy… they probably already HAVE MorphVOX from using it on SL and the opensim, and would want to use the same voice settings in all of them if they’re bringing the same persona over, too, like I would be. (Tho I haven’t gone the voice-morpher route myself. Yet.)

Maybe HyFy will decide to offer their own voice-morphing service at some point, like SL does, but I’d still recommend allowing a third-party morpher to be easily brought into the Interface.


Tried the free screaming bee in the past for fun, the result where not so good as expected.
Also installation where hard, i think i got problems to tell it to use my line-in of the soundcard. Maby its better now.

the slash key is already used to hide the interface on the screen, found that key not long ago. its pretty important key when you make snapshots.


If i could customize the keyboard layout i would try this setup:

Delete  (backspace now ) -> Delete entity 
    G   (enter key now ) -> Open GoTo screen
    P   ( ` key now    ) -> (entity) properties.
    T   (backslash now ) -> Open chat (Talk) 
                           window (maby would assign the enter key to this)

This keys make more sense and more logic then how its done now. Its more easy to remember to.


It is interesting that in SL, just about all keyboard-based commands to change things in the viewer are key-combinations, rather than single keypresses. I.e. Ctrl-Shift-S to bring up the Snapshot window in the SL viewer, Ctrl-B to bring up the Build window, etc, etc. This is done so merely starting to type something in the window, expecting it to go to a chat window, if you’ve got focus on the wrong window, doesn’t accidentally invoke a bunch of random changes in your Interface, or TP you home, when all you MEANT to do was say “Hello, Captain Catfish!”

So, why is the HiFi Interface set so single letters invoke Interface commands? That is a HUGE design flaw.