Not Logged In message


All of a sudden when I startup HiFi I see on the title bar the words (NOT LOGGED IN). It shows my name “Twa Hinkle @ domain-name” but then the not logged in message followed by the (build 5909). If I have to log into HiFi every time I start it up, I suspect I’ll just go nameless here.

Where does this message originate from? Is it from interface C++ code or a default .js script?


C++ file name: Application.cpp

void Application::updateWindowTitle() const {

    auto nodeList = DependencyManager::get<NodeList>();
    auto accountManager = DependencyManager::get<AccountManager>();

    QString buildVersion = " (build " + applicationVersion() + ")";

    QString loginStatus = accountManager->isLoggedIn() ? "" : " (NOT LOGGED IN)";

    QString connectionStatus = nodeList->getDomainHandler().isConnected() ? "" : " (NOT CONNECTED)";
    QString username = accountManager->getAccountInfo().getUsername();
    QString currentPlaceName = DependencyManager::get<AddressManager>()->getHost();


If you keep running into that message and it shows on title bar that you are logged in, yet pops up messages that you aren’t, try this;

From menu, log out
From menu or pop up dialog, log in

Why this happens is still unclear, but, basically you can lose parts of your logged in state leading to this undefined I am logged in, but not logged in state. Usually the log out/log in cycle will clear it up.


About a month ago I experienced the same problem @Twa_Hinkle mentioned. Logging out then logging in (had to do it a couple of times) worked to clear it up. When this happened to me I was having massive connection problems (those rains in California damaged coms). nonetheless, there seems to be some race condition bug in the HF logged-in state servers. Being a difficult to reproduce problem, I can imagine this one not getting fixed for some time.