Not logged in.. spontanic logged out ? users.js missing. Cookie used for login?


I just started interface.exe.
Looking around on my screen, where is users.js
First you restart default scripts, no change. mabye out of the screen. nope.

Then i got the idea mabye not logged in. and yes for soem reason im logged out automatic without knowing is or seeing it.

Now i get the diea that high fidelity is using some cookie or other system with a lifetime of n days. Because in the past the same did happen. If that’s true. i do not lie a lifetime on login , and you get spontanic logged out without any visible login screen that your logged out and need to login.

So what is going on and when is this bug going to be fixt thatw e not see your logged out ? Because my username where still there in the header.,

At least show the login window default when a user is not logged in !


In the next release:

  • Users list continues to display if logged out, if View > Users Online is enabled.
  • Users list displays minimized (without ability to maximize) when you’re logged out. (This instead of users list being hidden when you’re logged out.)
  • When you’re logged out, users list title says, “Users online - login to view”.
  • When you’re logged out, Interface title bar includes, “(NOT LOGGED IN)”.