Not showing up in Lobby


I have locations set and images, the locations and images show up on the directory but they dont show in the lobby.
I have checked the settings in the web data locations page.

Has anyone else noticed their image missing from the lobby, I believe there are more domains running that we see in the lobby.
I notice that Greater Ireland and Twinktown are both running and both have images in the directory but no show in the lobby.


@adrian I bet this is what @Twa_Hinkle was talking about in the last alpha meeting - it seems that the Twink domain isn’t reporting as online for some reason. I’ll have to take a look.


@Adrian do you have a your access token set?


Yes @Chris the access token is set


After some tweaking the image finally showed up in Lobby so this is all good.

Although clicking “Choose ID from my domains” returns undefined but I understand we are in a transitional period, I only have one running domain to select an ID so this didnt seem to affect it.


I cant get my domains back in the lobby after changing my router, free and shop are both open.
any ideas what i can try?


@chris ok fixed it
but do i need to do all 3

i previously only checked domains
when i checked all 3 then i was back in the lobby


@Judas it should work with just domains and I double checked that this morning. Can you email me the older access token?