Not sure is the right place for my topic


last devel Build … many thinks dont work (the sticks remain in the tablet) … and many Items on my Device are hidden.

Is this Forum the right place for report Bugs or must i open a Account on the Git Forum?


Question: is it in the planning the TouchControlers so in something as in Sansar or Unity to program … with the momentary kind it is very difficult to position something … in other platforms is the easy in the VR.


The tablet has been an issue for a while there is fixes coming apparently but I don’t know when.
You can run your stylus around the edge of the app boxes and finger to see more

you probably want to try different category

and with your talking about editing in vr well I can say I’ve seen something promising with objects not to get your hopes up but it’s a start


@Morsanula I concur: laser and stylus with tablet is very broken in build 7252. Preceding builds are fine (well, there are a few problems with lasers and stylus but in general they work).

I’ve lodged a bug report.

Note: There’s a “Bugs” category in this forum.


my fail … thank you for response and help


Laser and stylus with tablet are fixed in build 7253.


thank you for the Info :slight_smile: