Not wanting to be down on innovation and stuff but


How do I look around now the right click brings up a contextual edit menu?


Yeah it was getting reaally annoying.

Id suggest having the mouse look button that toggles the mouse look on and off so that we do not constantly have to drag the mouse while pressing the right click…


Ok - I removed it for now until we get it working with camera looking better. Update to latest interface build 3462 are later.


I hope the right click menu is just in a script. It would suck if right clicks are permanently unavailable to be scripted.


Th elooking around where never perfect in trhe past because you always need to hold the mouse button to look around. Not good for fingers. Oops Menithal where quicker. Look around would be nice to have it as toggle. on/off. This only still not solve the problem of button shortage. Can we not have always lookaround ? because you anyway move with the cursor keys. But that approach have so it’s problems too.

Can or is it possible to use Left + right mouse button to toggle it on and off ? Not 100% sure if it works nice, just idea.


yes - you can script right clicks
yes - you can write a script to disable the context menu