Notes from our weekly Meetup


Weekly meeting notes.

  • New Script Editor, gives you the ability to create and edit your scripts live
  • We went over as an area that users can put up suggestions for projects and pick up work relating to High Fidelity
  • Covered what we should be telling new Alpha users when we bring them in for the first time.
  • There is a Windows build that is now available, you can find updates and a link to the Windows build here
  • Kevin showed us some of the procedural building scripts that he has been working on, you can find them here.

**Photos from the meetup (I will work on my picture taking skills) **

The Strip

I will host next weeks meetup at a different time so we can handle people on different timezones


Why don’t we make the meetings on Friday? Would be better when you have to get up early during the week. Living in GMT +2.


Wanted to come, but could not figure out what time for europe.
(time conversion can be confusing) and possible are sleeping.
Alsomy own compiled viewer have still some hicups.
but i now have the precompiled one i can use to login

Would be nice to know the meeting time , europees.
And if its a bad clock. it would be nice if its fitting bot country sides.

Also, where is the meeting on the grid ? suggestion to post some coordinates next time.
Still how more i see, how nicer it get ! am glad i use the alpha software.


Thanks for posting these.Though I was at the meeting, I didn’t see a thing because I just minimized and listed to the audio, my plot is seen in the 3rd pic he he.