Nothing happening when trying to use Interface


Nothing. Absolutely nothing is happening, no matter what I do. Is this just something stupid with the Windows 10 insider preview or what?


hello @LazerLatte can you be more specific? I haven’t heard about anyone trying to run the Interface from Windows 10 before you.
Were you able to login? And how do you define nothing? Black render window?

Try pressing the enter key and type: sandbox , that should bring you somewhere.


Now thius intressting, because i like tyo test windows 10 hopefully next month. depends how fast it’s available here. But it run on windows 8.1 so i ecxpect it works on windows 10 too.

Yopu say nothing happening. We need more info, like thoys asked.


I am Brazilian and a sl active user. I created my account but my HF interface is in trouble. As soon as I enter the login the images begin to fade. I’m only with black stars and space. I am windowns 7.
I can teleport to places, I get to see some pictures at first, but then they disappear leaving only the black space with stars.


@Galateia.glom It sounds like you’re encountering the “automatically reduce LOD until you can’t see anything” problem … LOD (level of detail) is gradually reduced if you have low FPS (frames per second).

You can disable LOD reduction be going into Edit > Preferences and changing the “Minimum Desktop FPS” value to 0.


Wonder! Thank you very much … I get to see the world and I hard little arms … hahahahaha … Thank you :slight_smile: Now yes!