Novice Mac User with MacBook Pro needs interface help!


Hello…I’ve downloaded the Mac test software, signed up and made it into the world. I’m on a 15" 2013 MBP with discrete graphics, and not using any controller aside from the built in keyboard and track pad. The Help feature when logging in showed me how to use the arrow keys to move and how to sit. I can’t figure out anything else, like how to pan and zoom so I can look at things. Can anyone point me to a useful list? While I’m here, does anyone have suggestions for settings to optimize performance on this configuration…I wonder if part of the apparent non-response could be due to lag? Thanks in advance!


Some of the more common features you might be accustomed to require scripts to get enabled. The default interface is built around just walking, and interacting with things that allow for mouse interactions:

Pretty much everything else runs on Scripts that are layered ontop of Hifi. That is what allows you to teleport in Hifi forexample, or use the marketplace, or edit objects in the world.

Currently however, most content in HiFi is designed around the HMD’s so most of the content is pandered for that, but it does have the freedom to design stuff for any control scheme.

If you have had experience with SL, and want a camera system similar to it to look at things (aka, pan and zoom) I highly suggest checking using @ctrlaltdavid’s Camera Script. Simply copy the script url there and goto File > Run As URL. It should then work pretty close to SL’s camera, but not exact.

Not sure on the trackpad though, never used on with hifi.

Now Settings on Performance: The 2013 MBP is not exactly a beast, and with a Discrete Graphics card that would be probably a Nvidia GT 650M. This unfortunately isnt even the recommended specs for Hifi as it requires a 960 or up. It will still run however.

Fortunately Hifi it self is very heavily in development so currently the graphics them selves are at their lowest, and there is an automatic system in the background to make sure your frame rates stay high, but this can cause things to dissapear due to LOD and textures look worse as it tries to meet the fps quota:

However you could try to lessen the load for the Graphics card:

Enable Settings > Advanced Menus and Settings > Developer Menus.
You can then enable Developer > Stats to keep an eye on FPS and Latency.
First Column shows you the Server/Avatar count, and Frame Rate, while the second column shows the latency to servers.

Usually a non-VR setup should run preferably above 45 fps and pings below 250ms. A VR Setup would try to run at 90 fps, and the lower latency would make it a better.

Then Goto Developer > Graphics Settings. Turn on all the ticks for Compress * Textures. This should compress all the textures to be not as detailed.

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much…this at least gives me some places to start!