Number of views on forum posts not incrementing


Seems to be that the number of views on recent forum posts are not incrementing - I just added a reply to a post that has apparently had no views!

@b - I’m not sure, but this could have been happening since the Cap#$1n Oc#%1us fiasco recently?

  • davedub


Yeah also only first and last poster shows up on the icon list


were ignoring you its policy


I used to get all new messages going to my email. Sadly that no longer happens :frowning:


Still have a defective page in new posts. It’s not going away and the page seems dead.


We’ve needed to do a discourse update for a long while and I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be fixed by that. I’ll get back to bugging @leo to get the update done and hopefully we’ll see this go away!


While you are there, can you fix/retire/remove this one too?

Not a priority thing, but it would clean up the unread count.