Nvidia GeForce 372.54 WHQL Anniversary Edition Windows 10 With Interface


I seem to be having big problems with the old drivers with you have updated to the anniversary version of Windows 10 you might want to update to these latest drivers make sure you get the anniversary ones seem to solve a lot of problems

To confuse the fact there’s different versions for the old Windows and the anniversary one now


Maybe this might solve most people’s problems tell me what you think if you do try it


I have an alienware laptop with a graphics amplifier. In that amplifier I have a GTX 1080.
Despite that I was having a lousy fps (50-ish) in desktop mode. In the Vive it ran great at a constant 89.5 fps.

After updating to this driver the fps in desktop mode is around 300.

So. I, for one, am extremely happy with this update.