NVidia GTX1080 - -




Yep i know what I am getting as soon as possible :slight_smile:


The most powerful card ever created. Well that can’t be true cos it says the same thing on the box of my 980


Thanks for the link, @Balpien.Hammerer… I’ve been holding out on getting a new PC; just need to hold out a little longer until the GTX 1080 becomes available. Info. on availability is included in: http://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/a-quantum-leap-in-gaming:-nvidia-introduces-geforce-gtx-1080


Yep, same thing on my 780 TI :smiley:


NVIDIA Simultaneous Multi Projection / Single-pass stereo

This might work very well for people who want VR Experience But can’t afford it right now
Remember the software will tracks your head with a camera to Sort of a solution

I would say now there’s no reason to not have 4 gigs at least in your graphics card now


Heres how I expect this to play out

It gets announced then they launch it in 3 months time and u cant get one unless ur in america
then they announce the price will be more in the uk but we think oh well ill order one
whilst all this is going on ati announce a more powerful card thats cheaper but that wont arrive till even later
then i think oh maybe I should get that instead then i talk to a few people who give me many different opinions on whats best
by the time i make a decision the nvidia 1180 is announced just as I get the dispatch notice
so i think damn I shoulda waited a little longer…
but it arrives and the drivers don’t work right with the software I use and to be honest I don’t notice much of a difference between it and what I was using already
and stop me if i sound jaded :smiley:

64 bit baby


Full event here


My GTX980 is fine. i get 100hz on my desktop. high fidelity is noty filled enough to know if there bottlenecks.

And with HMD’s unknown when the are here. and you can better wait, because as soon you buy one a better one get released


I’ve been holding out now for a couple of months on building
my new rig, and im glad I did. Procrastinating on computer hardware is never a
good idea as you get caught in a cycle of waiting to get the best parts, and
there is always something better 6 months down the line. I was about cave in
about 2 weeks ago and get the Zotac GTX 980 TI Amp Extreme, but im glad I
didn’t, the 1080 looks savage and I will be buying it myself first thing :slight_smile: ill see what more results come out in the next couple of weeks. I will sell it then when the Ti version comes out hehe.


The Pascal cards are using new 16nm FinFET technology.
It’s taken the industry ages to churn through the last generation of card architecture waiting for factories to upgrade.

I agree with sentiments about manufacturer cycle churn dilemmas, but this is a new architecture!
Anyone with a setup good enough to get good VR performance is already smiling.

Until AMD fire the Polaris guns in retaliation, this is the hot jam!
Upgrading to new architecture early will provide some longevity regarding the value of the purchase

I am personally looking at this thinking people with deep pockets may well want to sell me a last generation card at a discount.
Great for my needs!
If not VR level performance just got more affordable!

I think that’s the key take away, prices have kept many interested early adopters on the sidelines.
This year we should see greater adoption of spec meeting technology.

I just look at it as being great news for the immediate future of this platform! :heart_eyes:


I did dream about owning a Jaguar, I mean OMG, Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods… :yum:


I’m unsure of whether HighFidelity would be able to adopt thier Multi-Projection solution.
As great as their work is.

To be fair from brief looks at code commits it seems as though the team have been introducing similar improvements to render passing without any external support.

The camera capturing system was impressive, from what I’ve gathered of your interests that should be a really killer feature.

The Fun House is hella shiny!

They use Nvidia Flex for fluid dynamics and other stuff that is just jaw droppingly cool.
You can notice the fluid effect with the water guns.

I was very impressed by the whole Carnie environment, was thinking how I might try and recreate such things here. A lot of these games can already be developed, and some very similar ones already have.


The biggest problem with nvidia is closed non-standard solutions. AMD provides GPUOPEN and a lot of another open technologies but nvidia does not support them seriously. Just look at games with support of nvidia gamewroks. Low FPS at very powerful graphics cards? Lack of support of asynchronus shaders? CUDA instead of GPU is not the best way. Where is my HBM? Why i should use videocard with overclocked GDDR5 called GDDR5X?

Its better to wait for full announce of AMD Polaris.

There will no top videocard during this year. You will need either top videocard or two middle videocards for VR.


Wonders if you are shill for AMD/ATI… I switched to NVidia years ago because of non updating of drivers. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t seem to remember you from anywhere.


Before 2008 year ATi videocard drivers were really terrible. However, after acquisition ATi by AMD drivers became perfect. For example, drivers released in summer 2015 was improved performance of my R9 280X (R9 3xx series is a competitor of GTX7xx series) up to the level of GTX970 (3.5Gb VRAM :wink: The biggest fraud of videocard market history). There are a lots of reasons why i dont trust nvidia and a new reasons appear again and again alongside with new observations of nvidia policy and hardware.

I suppose GTX1080 will get a lack of ROP’s and memory bandwidth again.


I got burned by AMD hw/drivers too many times. Nvidia, despite some warts, has higher stability for me.


Hi, HBM2 memory on cards isn’t scheduled until into 2017 last I heard. The GDDR5X does seem to provide adequate performance. I agree, they should open up more, but from a business perspective it seems wishful thinking. I look forward to seeing what AMD will put out. I’m pretty sure it’ll be using GDDR5 as well initally.


A bit suprissed abut your reaction. if there’s one manufacture that is known for problems , that it’s AMD. If there are problems in secondlife or with graphics, it’s always AMD.

Also sofar i see CUDA is wider support. driver support from nvidia is better too. Yes also if you use linux you can better have nvidia.


Well, that’s not entirely AMD’s fault; Nvidia is sometimes not playing clean: https://youtu.be/ZcF36_qMd8M