Nvidia Jetson AGX Develop Kit


some time ago, i post about the Nvidia TX2 and then forgot about it and try to develop my Digital Humans. Well last year, Nvidia release a AGX; its GPU core is 512, 16 G of memory 8 CPU cores, and runs at 30 watts. The TX2 has GPU core of 256, 8 G of memory, 6 CPU core (NVIDIA Denver2 + quad-core ARM Cortex-A574 armv7, runs at 7.5-15 watts.

TX2 Develop kit at $600
AGX Develop Kit at $2500 (or half price if you are a developer)

now compare that with the RPi3 at $35 and run at less than 10 watts. Has 4-cores but little memory.


more than 20X the performance and 10X the energy efficiency of its predecessor, the NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

GPU 512-core Volta GPU with Tensor Cores
CPU 8-core ARM v8.2 64-bit CPU, 8MB L2 + 4MB L3
Memory 16 GB 256-Bit LPDDR4x
Storage 32GB eMMC 5.1
DL Accelerator (2x) NVDLA Engines*
Vision Accelerator 7-way VLIW Vision Processor*
Encoder/Decoder (2x) 4Kp60
Size 105 mm x 105 mm


the Volta GPU with Tensor Cores are for deep learning as well as NVDLA Engines. Most people don’t have a need, I suppose, with those. Putting two TX2 is not the same thing. The encoder is for 4k streaming.