OAR files in HiFi?


Can we use OAR files directly into HiFi or do we need to convert to FBX?


@VR_Architect - OAR files are specific to OpenSimulator Export/Import. FBX is an accepted format for 3d content in so many places it is basically accepted as a standard.

The two hold no similarities.


I still call FBX a drama.


Agreed @coal , what is the answer to the question though? I have an oar file and would like to make the contents available for free on the MarketPlace.


With respect, I think the question was quite clearly answered. No, you cant load OARs into Hi-Fi right now. Though that does not preclude someone writing a converter in the future of course. Hope that helps!


To take an OAR you’d have to parse it - remove all lsl scripting, convert all prims to mesh, sculpts to mesh, terrain to mesh, tga textures to png/jpeg, remove any animations, notecards, sounds etc.

It would be a substantial effort to take an OAR that was specifically crafted only to contain objects that could work in HiFi let alone one with masses of content that can’t work. Then you’d have to do mesh conversions/texture conversions and that’s tricky at best, especially if sculpts are involved.


@Ozwell do mind quoting the posts above yours which says “no”? I must have just missed it. Thanks for the answer though. That’s what I needed.


Thanks @OmegaHeron that was a big help . I found some OAR’s from the government I was thinking to convert for the marketplace for folks. I will see if I can find an OAR importer for 3DS or Blender.


There was a project by someone in Japan that could take an OAR and convert some parts of it to mesh, but it was very primitive and hard to use. I can’t find the link now, but, if one were determined enough and willing to “fiddle” it might help if it’s still out there.




Any news on this? I have used the Oar Converter from http://www.nsl.tuis.ac.jp/xoops/modules/xpwiki/?OAR%20Converter to convert successfully an opensim region to DAE, and if you follow the tutorial you convert the entire scent to Unity. However i had no luck finding a way to convert all those DAEs to FBX so i can use them with Highfidelity. Does anyone know of a workflow that works for this?


Use blender to import the dae. Then you can export it to FBX with the correct settings.

This settings on the wiki are showing avatar , but the last image of the exporter show the settings.



thanks! The problem is that i want to import ALL the .dae files into one scene and export them as FBX. In unity, i can do that by dragging all the DAE files into the scene and they appear in the right position. i 'm looking to do something similar to export to .fbx.