Object not loading texture


Worked on object today.
Painted that in 3D-Coat. import the obj back in blender.
Renamed the textures so no spaces or dots.
Also this time i did set things to Phong.
Export it as fbx with textures embedded. (high fidelity setting from years ago)

Load the fbx straight from disk on maker. But it refuse to load one texture for the 2 correct. the big 2048 one keeps failing and is showing purple normal map color. I tried a smaller texture. it still do strange things.

Now am complete lost what is going wrong in high fidelity. Also because it’s loading fine on the other platform. Adobe FBX review is showing things dark for that material. could be material thing.

I checked the settings for normal , diffuse, roughness.
The are correct. Is something else wrong ?


in blender go to
external data
make all paths absolute
then save and export it again



That does at least the trick on my pc.
And it fixed it in High Fidelity to.

@judas :trophy: