Objects sometimes fall through the floor


It can be frustrating when you drop something and it falls right through the floor. You can’t see it or grab it anymore. Is this a bug? I don’t see any settings to adjust the accuracy of the physics simulation.

The video shows a bow from the Shortbow game being dropped on the floor in the standard Sandbox Home domain.


Yes this happens at times for a long time.
Especially when you move it fast.
The collision seems to get ignored of the speed of entity or avatar is high enogh.
Then it’s dropping or crossing the collision.


It’s happened for me too, many times. Things get stuck in the floor, I have to go inside and fish it out.


Thanks for raising, agree this is a nuisance. You can improve things by using a box primitive as a floor, which I will ask out team to correct in the tutorial content

What happens is that objects can fall through a thin sheet, which is what this floor object is. If you use a solid model or a primitive which has thickness, objects should not do that.

I also think the collision shape for the bow may also not be optimal, will take a look at that as well.