Objects still dissapearing


In this case the Urban Loft available form the marketplace has dissapeared several times.
I have had to replace it on more than one occasion and it has just vanished again, including the door. It was there yesterday.

So there seems to be something strange with this particular object, it was locked.


I’ve noticed this also. Are you getting the green-line cube border for the mentioned missing assets? It seems weird, every 1 out of 5 logins content that was expected became notorious green-line ‘missing asset’ cubes.

I will add, I’ve not noticed this problem with assets stored on the atp itself. Only on assets that are hosted on external web servers. ymmv.


not having that but belives u do, which means what are u doing that im not
and visa versa.
do u have multiple copeis of the same mp object rezzed cos thinks u need a unique copy for all of them
for example


No, its just gone without a trace.

No its just one, but I have replaced it a few times now, got it from the marketplace.
I mentioned that its the Urban Loft from the market in case anyone else has the same issue with the same item.

What I did that was different this last day was set everything collidable and then locked it (via a script), dont know if that matters but its what I did that was different from every other day.


anything in the log for it either being placed or removed?


This is a cloud server and there doesnt seem to be any logs anywhere that I can find.
Can someone tell me where domain server logs might be stored on linux please?


I was going to type "It’s easy, just go to your web settings at look at your logs.

But, then I tried it and found out that logs don’t seem to be available anymore. What’s up with this?
is this just a major screw up with this version or is something else going on?


It’s the text file in the back ups thing

its the models jason thing which is the list of whats where compare it agaisnt an earlier what was there?