Oculus blinks and whispers: "nevermind"



Anyway there is still no reason to trust Oculus. This company need a time to prove that Oculus will no use DRM again. Besides Oculus didn’t stop to corrupt VR titles with Facebook money.


I’m on my 3rd oculus headsets never had a problem with them plus the vive stuff works with my hydras .we’re u hurt by oculus?


Oculus has faced the reality that VR in a walled garden bares strange fruit.


Whilst I’m sure that all games in the communist state of vive are given to the people for free.if everyone hates Facebook why do you use it? I don’t get the I can’t play this game on that gear thing buy a SNES and a mega drive. You can like the Beatles and the stones .you can have a console and a PC. F#%%££ high fidelity it won’t run on my Atari


But it can run on a raspberry PI, heh!


Oculus destroying VR market and technology by unfair marketing. This is the problem. Developer of SuperHOT and Tripwire Interactive is the proof. SuperHOT is sold out to Oculus (not literally but as a fact). Valve helped Tripwire Interactive to stay alive but recently they decided to turn against Valve. Another example - the game called “Giant Cop”. Without Oculus these titles would be accessible to any OpenVR compatible VR kit. Oculus trying to make exclusives for own hardware and market at PC by corrupting developers. This is unacceptable.


if everyone hates Facebook why do you use it?

What do you mean?


This fanboy attitude that we all hate Facebook is nonsence billions of people use Facebook just people are obsessed with being alternative and indie. VR is a market Oculus created is it wrong to protect its investment?Are you saying that Sony is also wrong creating a proprietary headset? Should new businesses have a policy to make as little money as possible?
I think that its good that people are investing in VR. Is htc producing games?


This fanboy attitude


we all hate Facebook

Who said that?

VR is a market Oculus created

Its a lie. Oculus did not create VR as market. VR as market was made by Valve.

is it wrong to protect its investment?

Oculus did nothing except of stealing obsolete technologies and harming real VR market and technology. Oculus Rift is an earlier prototype of HTC Vive which was designed by Valve. I’l also notice that Oculus and Google Cardboard are just derivations of Fov2Go project.

Are you saying that Sony is also wrong creating a proprietary headset?

Besides Sony created headset and promoted it into market before Oculus appeared on kickstarter. Also Sony dont harm VR market - Sony does own VR way fairly.

I think that its good that people are investing in VR.

As a matter of fact Oculus dont do investments in VR. Oculus tries to ruin VR. Exclusives on PC (open platform for everyone by definition and support of IBM) are cancer. And this cancer must be burned with hot iron. PC in not another gaming console.

Is htc producing games?

The subject is not HTC. The subject is Oculus. Your speech looks like hatred against HTC and blind support of Oculus everytime and everywhere. I dont support HTC - i support technology. HTC is not the only company which helps to bring VR and not the only developer of technology (HTC is just a fab for Vive production. Actually Vive was designed by Valve - not by HTC.).


[quote=“Naylok.Scorpio, post:2, topic:11021”]
Besides Oculus didn’t stop to corrupt VR titles with Facebook money.
[/quote] corrupt? Do you mean fund?

Atari had a vr headset so let’s say Atari invented it .that’s like saying davinci invented the helicopter cos he drew one
Cancer is a disease computers can’t catch
HTC make it ,to take your tone,where did I say HTC designed it?


My views exactly as well, companies just like people should not end up rewarded for bad behavior,Microsoft might have won the browser war but the customers just went to Chrome & Firefox instead.
never fails the companies that attempt to make products for customer needs less flexible can never see that in return it makes the exact market position they are in less flexible.


Browser usage metrics:

Surprisingly (I was surprised), it is not about Microsoft being bad and punished. It is far more about Google’s Chrome taking off as the #1 used browser.


Its not funding. They trying to give money to indie developers for exclusivity for Oculus headset. This is unfair competition.
There are examples of real funding:

  1. http://www.osvr.org/blog/?p=183
  2. http://uploadvr.com/htc-announces-vrvca/

As you can see these examples has no any requirement of exclusivity for certain hardware. I recommend to learn at least basics of economy.

As i see you have no arguments to say - only demagogy.


Because Google Chrome is the IE of this age. Google Chrome was just a fork of Mozilla Firefox but now this browser became standard de facto but non-standard de jure because of EEE policy. Modern web standards are overcomplicated. This is very bad situation: not any browser able to show any website correctly.


The way I see the market at the moment is the number of VR Headsets sold Is to small to be profitable in the short term for games developers.We need big money to be thrown at VR focusing on the long term rather than what happens in the next 5 years.Outside of the small sphere of early adopters VR is still predominantly unknown.My experience of VR based software gives me the feeling that developers really don’t have much of a clue what to do with it.This attitude that there is a right and a wrong way to run a business is bullshit.We need funding to give developers the space to grow and develop. If we draw an analogy to the music industry do we want quick poppy chart hits or do we want mature acts offering some depth.
Who said competition has to be fair?


Most of game developers got VR kits for free from Valve.

http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey (hardware survey from Steam)

0.22 % PCs are equipped with VR kits - this is a proof of large sales. Most of owners of VR kits will pay more money for VR games than typical steam user will pay for random game. Thus VR is very profitable field in a nearest future.


VR Headsets are none standard hardware. If you take the Kinnect 2 as an example it initially was being included with the xbox thing then due to people complaining about the price stopped being. Now who develops for it? I believe in time that VR Headsets will replace the monitor but we are a long way from that.
For VR to shine it needs to be more than option you can try in graphics settings it needs to be the only way that you can have the experience.
Looking at the big selling vr games they are largely just standard gaming fare driving, shooting, platformers.The interesting ones um keep talking and nobody explodes um tilt brush are more like technical demos than full experiences but contain glimpses of the direction we have to take.


VR headset is a standard hardware

Its designed for Xbox One. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, ANTVR, OSVR HDK, StarVR, FOVE, etc. are not designed for specific game console - they are for PC.

Your thoughts are very narrow. VR Headset will not replace monitor (printers did not die when displays came to computers as an output devices), and VR devices are not only headsets. Headset is not the most important thing in VR and its just another output device. There are a lot of different controllers and systems such as TrueAudio.


Are you trolling me?