Oculus Medium to Hi Fi


I am not good with texturing with blender so using oculus medium to paint mesh has made it very easy for my work flow.
I did run into trouble when trying save the mesh.
does any one here use medium?
i am trying to save as a fbx so i dont have to apply the textures in blender.
when i save the mesh what texture size should i use?


See link below for what’s allowed - It shows that the highest resolution you can use is 2048x2048, but only if you have 8 or less textures on model. (Each texture counts, i.e. all the textures needed to do PBR, normal etc) - so a single material might have 3, 4 or even 5+ textures thus you hit that 8 mark very quickly. If you exceed 8 you can see the textures will be down sampled…