Oculus mode: what are the settings?


I’ve enabled 3dTV mode and get dual images on my laptop screen, but Oculus is not working. What are the settings to enable Oculus?


There are no ‘settings,’ it should be plug & play, and you wont need to toggle 3DTV mode. That said, this is absolutely our fault – we have some bugs in the installer and the Oculus support code isn’t being included. We’re on it.

@leo will follow up when this is fixed. Thanks for your patience!


I keep my oculus rift connected to my desktop at all times, and it’s turned off. That being said - as far as I know - there is NO possible way to disable the oculus rift from attempting to “auto start” each time I run HighFidelity.

Can something be added to “enable” / “disable” rift mode in the menus? I’ve looked every possible place I can think without dissecting.

I do not always want to use the rift with HighFidelity, and I definitely don’t want to unplug it just for HighFidelity - especially since up until now there was no issue with keeping my Oculus Rift connected and turned off at all times.


When I turned of the Oculus it left me looking up at the sky in HF, was the same after I logged back in.
Had to log back and point the headset forward b4 turning it off.
Liked the magnify thing, without it the ui is unreadable on the original rift


I ended up unplugging my oculus entirely so I could get back into HF operating as normal. You win this time HF… :smile:


View > Enable VR Mode … option has been added to Interface. It toggles Rift view on/off if you have a Rift connected.


Ok yeah vr mode fixes my problem will try it more now i don’t fear turning it off.

Does using the rift remind anyone else of snorkeling?