Oculus Quest Build

Has anyone already built the binary at the android page for Oculus Quest? If so could you send it to me? joshua.chamberlain@gcccharters.org


p.s. why isn’t this available on the download page?

They aren’t yet available on the site because the build is still in development, but there’s a couple different ways to find them depending on which protocol you want:

  1. Most recent dev-build: The most recent build on https://metaverse.highfidelity.com/dev-download for Windows is https://builds.highfidelity.com/HighFidelity-Beta-10621-9b1c7b3.exe. If you add “Quest” and change the extension to .apk, you’ll get the Quest build: https://builds.highfidelity.com/HighFidelity-Quest-Beta-10621-9b1c7b3.apk

  2. Any PR: Quest builds are available on any PR, for example: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/15789#issuecomment-503276748

  3. For the RC (stable protocol), I think the only way to get it right now would be from the RC PR: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/15486#issuecomment-488195791



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