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Just made the topic this name, so we can talk about many oculus rift things in global. I have the first brain breaker.

@philip talked about useing the oculus rift on the couch, something i have myself in mind to.
But then you cannot use the 3D camera anymore the add with the DK2. So oculus made a wrong decision to add a seperate tracking camera. Things like that you cannot use if your not behind the pc. I think everything with tracking need to be in the oculus itself.

What do you think ?


I think to for the rift to become a mainstream essentials a ton of work has to be done to it.
It has to be said were all kinda well nerds here. Its 2 big and clunky all those head-straps,
it makes ur face hot wearing it
and there must be 50 videos on line of people trying one on falling flat on their faces and pulling the pc of the table and smashing the rift so it has to be wireless.
I’m desperate to know if the faster tracking systems used by the newer ones really do make you feel less nauseous .
The problem is people who spend all this money on tek are always reluctant to say somethings not good enough.
Its a real quandary of a device.
Its is exciting because it does take you into the world, but it takes u into the world with a view like when you make binoculars with your hands .
in 10 years time if people stick with it it will be amazing, until then everyone has to convince each other that its better than it is so the money will be spent making it good lol


From what I have tried.

Oculus Gear VR (The one that is in partnership with Samsung)

  • Resolution is better than the DK2
  • You will need a Note 4 and then the headset. (expensive)
  • It will probably (just a guess) be on sale before Xmas
  • It is an Android based experience
  • It is wireless and easy to put on
  • There is no 8 degrees of tracking, just 360 tracking. This means that the experiences need to have less movement. At the moment Gear VR seems perfect for immersive pictures, immersive video and light weight games
  • I do wonder if a leap could help with the 8 degrees…

Crescent Bay (The one they demo’ed at the conference

  • Wires were above your head, wired into the ceiling (obviously this is because it was a prototype)
  • You were in a room with the camera in the top corner of the room. (you would move around the room by physically walking)
  • The tracking was amazing and there was no sickness (I think this is because you basically controlled everything with you head rather than a controller)
  • At least 1 year from being available at that level.

@judas , I agree, the form factor is a big deal. I think that the full CV will hopefully be a combination of the GearVR and the Crescent bay. Making it completely wireless and you have a small 3d camera positioned in a place across your room.

@Richardus “But then you cannot use the 3D camera anymore the add with the DK2.” You just put the camera on the other side of the room, like a Microsoft Kinect.

I found that wearing the DK2 during the meeting last week was comfortable.

Where I start feeling sick:

  • When I am trying to look out the bottom of the Rift to my keyboard
  • If I start moving myself in circles with my keyboard, or accelerating towards different things
  • Roller coasters.


Re looking at keyboard … With a camera mounted on the front of the VR headset you could make it so that, for example, when you look down video from that camera is displayed in the lower part of the Rift’s display, and you can thus see what’s going on. With the Leap, its IR video is available in the API so this could be used. A hand gesture might also be useful to show/hide the low-down display or perhaps even a display of the whole view that the camera sees.

Rather than just displaying the raw image from the Leap or other cameras, it might be nice to do some image processing such that edges are displayed in order to provide a more abstract image that might be more compatible with the VR world you’re viewing.


re keyboard you really need a virtual keyboard to line up with your real keyboard, so when u look down u see the virtual one but your typing on the real one. markers trackers frikking laser beams who knows .

http://www.atarijaguar.co.uk/2013/10/virtual-insanity.html Anyone remember this never quite making it to market


$chris, ok. where not sure art wich distance you can use the camera. i think usb extenders are getting a good seller in the future if its not wireless.