Oculus Rift DK2 and HiFi


@Chris said that DK2 now works with the latest releases of The Interface. I will be able to test when I get back to my work setup next week… but can I ask…

a) if its working in the Windows build and it uses the direct to rift mode? The extended desktop scheme is really clunky and I have given up on demos that use that old method.

b) do we just run the interface and select the Enable VR mode in the menu? Or is anything else needed?


Trying DK2 on Interface 990/Win 7. With direct mode turned on, I can get the HiFi VR display on my monitor, not the Rift, and it is responding to the Rift’s positional tracking. Being in direct mode I have no way to move the display to the Rift.

With the DK2 in extented mode, I can move the VR display window to the Rift but I get no tracking whatsoever - the viewpoint is fixed and my tracking camera appears to be totally off - though HiFi does look nice in 3D.

Messed around a bit to get it to work, but same results every time.


We don’t support direct mode yet - working on that.

With extended mode it is best to use a key combination to move the window to the Rift display (I think this is control+shift+arrow) and then the key combination to full screen the window. It’s not an ideal process, but once you know the pattern you can generally get it to work every time.

@Neuromancer - that’s very odd that it would render in Oculus mode but not offer any tracking. I’ll check with our windows machine in the office to confirm that tracking is working


I did end up getting it running with tracking after I did a complete system reboot with the Rift left in extended mode. This fix had previously ironed out a couple issues with extended mode I had with other software, seems the DK2 maybe has issues switching between modes. If the system starts with the Rift in direct mode and then I switch it with the Oculus config tool to extended, then I have issues on some extended mode software. Seems like an Oculus issue and not HiFi, I just have to remember to leave it in extended before restarting the system.

So now it works fine for me with HiFi as it should!


A few tests using the CtrlAltStudio viewer into some SecondLife and OpenSim regions. The viewer was released today as an early access version with basic extended desktop mode on DK2 (OpenGL apparently not yet properly supported by the Oculus 0.4.1 SDK)…



The VR mode interface looks very nice.

Is there a way to reset the Oculus camera position?


The FPS reported in stats in VR mode on the DK2 is only 60fps or a bit under. Is there any way to get it to run at the Rift’s 75Hz when displaying on the Rift?


Is the issue with lack of “Direct to Rift” support in HiFi for the DK2 due to the OpenGL issues in the current 0.4.2 Oculus Rift DK2? Or is there another technical reason we have to currently use the very clunky and awkward extended desktop mode?

Its the same for Second Life and OpenSim viewers… needs a real enthusiast (read nerd :slight_smile: ) to bother…