Oculus Rift mode not available for OS X anymore?


I noticed that the Oculus Rift mode option disappeared for Mac. Will it be coming back?


Did you have the Rift plugged in before starting interface? It is not recognized otherwise.


May be this?


I hope the rift will work on osx.

I am already saving up some bucks up to buy one, I am already getting a headache of the thought I will need a windows pc for it.


seems to be the case.

are you planning on re-enabling oculus rift support or OS X @Jherico ?


We’ve updated the display plugins to support ‘threaded present’. The OSX/Linux plugin simply hasn’t been updated yet. I have it on my backlog. Not sure on the prioritization right now.


ok any chance it will be up and running again by the end of the week? I have a meeting and wanted to show some models we are developing. thanks!