Oculus Rift Pre-Orders to Open on January 6


This is going to be an exciting week for VR, so Oculus founder Palmer Luckey will be answering all your questions during a Reddit AMA this Wednesday, January 6 at 6pm Pacific Time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay tuned for more updates this week. We can’t wait to share what’s coming next!

— The Oculus Team


Told ya so… :smiley: :wink:


I have no hands and I must touch (apologies to Harlan Ellison).


Does it have a price yet?
I googled the price and its going to be $2000
no its going to be $10
What would you pay for one?
are they going to use Feaceyboks billions to give us a loss leader to kick start the field
or will they hook the early adopters to the milking machine?


Last I checked its going to be 400-500 bracket according to Palmer him self, since he was talking about pricing on his twitter.

I was worried about that price being reached when I heard they added an amp and a headset to it… :confused: Ofcourse this doesnt include the system specs required to run the bloody thing (400-500 for the HMD, and then aprx 1300-1500 system to run the spec). I think ill wait. the price after all doesn’t include the Touch controllers.

Ohwell, CES2016 will be througout the week, so HTC may make an annoucement about their… breakthrough. I am expecting them to be around 400-600 rate


I estimated $2000 for the Rift plus a 980 based computer. Adding in the hand controllers, that bumps the price to $2400. Only a small percentage of people own GTX980 graphics card or the computer capable of running it well. Of course that percentage includes all the heavy duty gamers who will treat that price tag as loose change :smile:


I am calculating the 2000 price bracket by taking account a system built this year after Nvidia Pascal Archi: In which you do not really (if the performance enhancements are to be believed) need the highest end (1080), but middle end works (1050-1070).


Certainly the prices are going to be hard to swallow with the hand controllers together but really it gives you excuse to upgrade your computers I know it can be expensive but it’s probably worth it in the long run But saying that you might be able to get away with a medium graphics card for some basic things anyway for now It just won’t be a great experience with the frame rate with you can put up with that


You won’t be able to; because unlike DK2, I expect the CV1 running on Windows will sniff your system and if it isn’t up to the challenge, the hardware will simply refuse to run. I know that sounds a bit stand-offish, but Team Oculus wants to deliver “conversion on contact” meaning “it just works” so don’t expect a mid-range system to cut the mustard; it won’t even bother loading up for you if it suspects under-spec hardware.


I am hoping an ASUS g753 with the GTX970 is sufficiently ‘spec’. If it isn’t then mobile demonstrations are DOA.

It is understandable that they want a good experience, similar to the early 4K $15,000 TV days. Now those 4KTVs are down to $3000, so the question I ponder is how many years before the $2500 immersive VR experience will drop from around $2500 to $500. Using U.S. census data on income and computer ownership, about 6.5% of U.S. household have the income levels to obtain the kind of computer needed for immersive VR. Of that, using NPD data, 20% of them are heavy core gamers, so that means 1.3% or 1.6M households. That is best case, a great number for a maturing market in the years to come. Using a sigmoid curve to represent market growth on a 5 year trajectory (and this is a WAG), next year would be 2% or 32,000 households getting immersive VR gear. Not much.

So… life will be good eventually for immersive VR, but a slow start this year. I wonder if perhaps more attention should be spent on making this platform work better for non-immersive virtual world to draw in and cultivate a larger audience for that ‘conversion’ population?


I think the consumer oculus will be sold for around 950 euro


Are we running a sweepstake? :slight_smile:


I own a MSI GTX 680 Lightning, and can run most VR stuff without any issues. I do plan to upgrade in the near future, but so far I don’t have a reason to do so yet.

In either case, I am going to wait a bit. I have my Avegant Glyph coming in soon and am interested to see how that works out.


$630 after tax and shipping. Limit 1 per customer… (yeah…) and despite your demographic calculations… I promise you… I’m NOT alone…

See ya in the METAVERSE!!!


Hmm $651 with tax. I’ll go get a 970 or 980 computer first, then think about an HMD once I know a meaningful beta program is happening here. No reason to get one now as it would sit mostly unused until then. For the duration my DK2 is good enough.


Pre-ordered the Oculus CV1 (741 euro including shipping).

But hey it comes with comes with an Xbox One controller :smile:


Then I encourage you to try Elite : Dangerous and Eve : Valkyrie I have zero hours with the latter, but Elite Dangerous is pretty incredible if you are a space geek like me.


@ EVERYONE: SEE?! I’m NOT alone. There will be at least 2 people with a CV1 :stuck_out_tongue:


for germans is it in total 741 Euro uggh*
eps I m not compatible so far http://ocul.us/compat-tool


741 euro. wow. that’s more expensive as expected. that is lowering the amount of people the get it only more.

Now how long does it take before the price dropped 591 euro ?
2016 the year of virtual reallity. mabey. but not with HMD.