Oculus Rift, Shipping Q1 2016 and More


I get my popcorn ready Munch munch munch



apparently images yesterday were old versions of the oculus so may differ from what we see on the 11th

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey took to the Oculus section of reddit shortly after the leak warning that, “This is an old placeholder concept image that we accidentally leaked. Everything in it is ancient, certainly nowhere close to final (as evidenced by the GPU specs and the game named ‘war’). Enjoy checking it out, at this point, but don’t expect everything to carry through to the [Step into the Rift event] on the 11th.”



Just want to put a reminder out there that there’s Special Live Event coming up in two hours from oculus https://www.oculus.com/

I hope you have your popcorn ready @MetaverseCafes


There is a copyright mark at the bottom 2014. My best guess is we will see the real CV1 during today’s press conference.



The speaker is a bit underwhelming, but it is nice to see the final look of the Oculus. The big news though is the partnership between Oculus and Microsoft. Integrated APIS with Windows 10, DirectX 12, etc.


If you have missed the event just click here http://www.twitch.tv/oculus/v/6059513


I think the Microsoft teamup is a brilliant move. Oculus needed an input system and now they get to include an Xbox One controller. Their hand units aren’t ready yet, but look promising.

Xbox gets a headset to compete with Morpheus. I think the Xbox console integration looks weak but its an interesting way to get around the problem with far lower than 90 fps on the console.

Still no price, unless I missed that part.


Since they muttered $1500 for a total system previously, take $1000 off for the computer and that leaves $500 for the Rift itself.


Only would mabey buy it if its not more then 150$

Oh wait, my system is not ready for it i have GF670, so no i don’t buy it.


This shit will be the Walkman.
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New video at the top explaining how it works a little bit more from Palmer


Heres a showcase of all the new games for Oculus:

Some pretty cool stuff so far :smile:


I was surprised almost all of the games demoed are from a third-person view, when I think the most immersive ones are straight into the experience in first person.

Right now, It just feels like most developers featured games there just decided to slap on the rift to work on them, instead of getting the most out of it. As if they all went against oculus’s earlier guidelines. Now it just looks like another 3D glasses pitch.

CCPs Valkyrie is a fantastic example of how it should be done.


Just been doing a little bit of research today Have put more information at the top The seem to be hiding everything Behind the Cloth like the sensors/led and microphone so there is one there